English to Spanish professional translation

  • Iru did an excellent job in translating our important PR articles on a tight schedule. He completed the work ahead of schedule and to the professional standard we required
    Paul Wasensteiner
    Executive Director
  • We started working with Iru on a small project but very fast he became our #1 translator. Not only in Spanish, but also someone we can contact to ask help and get comments on the English source file. Many times Iru gave as comments that we spreed to other translators in other languages.
    Ariel Hochstadt
  • Iru was very efficient in his work and communicative too. The translation required an eye for detail as well orientation in Wordpress. We will work with him again.
    Konrad Kwiatkowski
    Marketing Manager
  • It is a pleasure to work with Iru. He is very responsible and delivers the work in time with quality results. We would definitely recommend Iru for a project with strict deadlines.
    Armina Mkhitaryan
  • Iru's work has been excellent. He demonstrated a complete understanding of the sources and produced a flawless translation of our tool with the needed personal touch, allways meeting our deadlines. I highly recommend him for any translation project.
    Mercedes Gordo
    Country Manager Spain
  • It’s a pleasure working with Iru. He is competent, very cooperative and always ready to give valuable advice on how to optimize our web-site content. Very professional!.
    Aleksandra Sandler
    Marketing manager
  • Would absolutely hire again for translation needs. He translated my company's web page and tested the Spanish voices of our text-to-speech software extensively. He also gave me SEO advice for free. Very helpful!
    Trevor Jackins
    Marketing specialist
  • Iru translated our website super fast and the quality is amazing. I'd 100% hire him again. He asks the right questions to make sure his translations fit the context of our website and product, and is very friendly and approachable. Great guy!
    Julia Klein
    Digital Marketing Executive
  • Iru is a very competent and professional translator who is capable of doing the most challenging jobs in an extremely tight deadline. I now work with him regularly and recommend him 100%.
    Oda Schwab
    Freelance project manager
  • Excellent experience with Iru. Performed a very good job with a technical IT security translation, so we hired him to localize our antivirus software. Excellent communications and adherence to timelines.
    Oren Dvoskin
    Sales Executive
  • Working with Iru was an excellent experience. Not only that he delivered top-notch quality within the given timeline, he was also a great communicator. Highly recommended!
    Christian Lenz
    Co-founder, Blockchain & Project Management Expert

Make an Impact in the international Market

Professional translation is a significant asset as you explore business growth and look to have a global presence.

Translating content into Spanish is paramount, given the high percentage of the Spanish speaking population who do not speak English – but it takes a well-calculated approach.

Convey your values

Anyone who is bilingual can convert words from one language into another. Rather than a literal copy of the original, a professional translation involves conveying a brand’s values and even the gut feeling it’s supposed to arouse.

I help businesses by providing language solutions. Learning about my clients’ industry, brand and target clients, I provide them with an optimal localization of their message: text that resonates with the Spanish audience and makes the readers want to take action.


Fields of expertise


  • IT: blockchain, cryptocurrency, AI, cybersecurity
  • Marketing
  • Computers: software and hardware
  • Devices
  • Sports & nutrition


Document translation

I offer translation of documents across a variety of topics. Articles, whitepapers, user manuals, software interfaces, automotive glossaries, product catalogs, newsletters, educational material, online help and Android games are some of them. Nevertheless, I specialize in technical translation and more specifically in the topics of blockchain, cryptocurrency, cybersecurity and AI.  

Website localization

When you are looking to market your business within another culture, the process requires a thorough makeover. Localizing a website involves more than converting your words into the Spanish language, merely an accurate translation does not cut it - you need to localize your brand's message and values.

With a focus on key marketing principles, the Spanish version of your site will be written in a way that appeals to your audience and focuses on compelling your readers to take action, following the same marketing considerations you made in English. The process involves getting a clear image for the Spanish target customer, performing keyword research across multiple platforms (Google Adwords, Moz, Reddit, and sometimes even Youtube) and then creating copy that sounds appealing while being SEO-friendly.

I also provide recommendations for ideal page titles and link names to increase your organic traffic.


I can produce either open or closed captions (sending you the video with the subtitles embedded, or a separate subtitle file in your preferred format). I mainly work with Subtitle Edit, and I work under the standard guidelines of using under 42 characters per line, a reading speed of less than 15 characters per second, etc.


Communicate with your clients using my bilateral interpreting service, which I offer on Gran Canaria, or anywhere within Europe if expenses are covered.

Make a Move Towards Growth


The Spanish market consists of 580 million people in 20 countries. It makes sense to pursue this opportunity – but you’ll want to do it in a way that will carry a lasting impact.

With my English to Spanish translation services you’ll receive more than just a line-by-line translation. You’ll receive a translation that conveys your meaning while resonating in the Spanish market.


I’m not the “cheap option” – I’m the “get it done right” option


Being from Canary Islands, I am able to write a “neutral” Spanish that avoids country specific pronouns, idioms and terms — ideal if you want to reach an international Spanish audience.

All my services include a quality check once the translations have been implemented and any modifications needed for your website, whitepaper, etc. to be perfect.